Embrace Wellness with Estancia Fit

Looking to elevate your mind, body and soul? Get started with Estancia Fit and enjoy weekend fitness classes, in-room experiences, wellness weekends and more.

Aroma Flow
Outdoor Yoga + Barre
Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Start your morning with outdoor yoga or outdoor barre classes in Estancia's lush Garden Courtyard and get fit with San Diego's leading workout instructors.

Stay inside + stay fit
In-Room Fitness

Transform your guest room into a fitness studio with exclusive complimentary access to Caravan Wellness and a guest room stocked with fitness equipment.

Take your transformation to the next level through our Wellness Suite, complete with MIRROR Interactive Fitness.

Choose your own journey
Self-Guided Wellness Weekends

Continue your wellness journey with Wellness Weekends. With this optional add-on, you'll receive an in-room yoga mat and hand weight rental, healthy welcome snack and water bottles, and access to all weekend yoga classes (excludes other #SelfCareSunday series classes).

Wishing Tree

Invest in your mind at Estancia's Wishing Tree. Write down your wish, meditate and set intentions for your mind and soul during your stay.