Apiary, Chef’s Garden & Butterfly Sanctuary

Apiary, Chef’s Garden & Butterfly Sanctuary

Explore the wonders of our very own apiary, chef’s garden, and butterfly sanctuary. Embark on a self-guided tour of our tranquil oasis, celebrating sustainability, biodiversity, and natural beauty.

Our very own Apiary

Installed in 2023, our apiary showcases the fascinating dance of honeybees as they collect nectar and pollen, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem that surrounds you. Discover the crucial role these tireless pollinators play in maintaining biodiversity and producing delectable honey. Visit our Trading Post Café to purchase our own honey and other apiary products.

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Self-Guided Botanical Tour

Discover the lush flora and fauna of our hideaway with a self-guided botanical tour. Simply scan the QR codes around the property and follow the map to learn about the diverse plants that surround you.
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Chef’s Garden

Adjacent to our apiary lies the Chef’s Garden, brimming with seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs. Imagine the journey from seed to plate as you wander through lush beds, knowing these ingredients will enrich Estancia’s exceptional dining experiences.